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A wealth of information…

The information and knowledge you have just learned and obtained in this “Management and Leadership Training Course” will significantly help launch or enhance your managerial career.   You should now be able to recognize and handle the typical managerial scenarios and situations that come your way.


By utilizing the skills taught in this course, you should now have the assurance and confidence to lead your team to success, share your vision and goals, be secure in your leadership capabilities, use a proven model to improve, plan and structure your department for optimal success, create and build a strong team, inspire teamwork, motivate and reward the individual, know how to appraise job performance, deal with different personalities, hire the right people, know the right questions to ask when hiring, retain the best people, deal with conflict, handle difficult and problematic employees, deal with violent situations, address attendance issues, address job performance related issues, know how and when to fire someone, confidently be able to delegate, know how to multitask and prioritize efficiently, manage your time effectively, make the right decisions and solve difficult problems, communicate professionally both verbally and in written format, hold effective meetings, give powerful presentations, get the department to embrace change, and handle the other day-to-day idiosyncrasies that are all part of managing a department.


You have also been taught the basics in business.  You should now be able to understand the different business types, business ethics, basic economics, the basics of finance and accounting, know the importance of financial statements, know how to examine a balance sheet and income statement, know the important ratios used in financial analysis, understand the budget process, know the operating functions within a business, know the basic tools used to manage a project, understand the importance of quality management, know how goods are tracked within inventory management, know the functional importance within customer service and technical support, know the responsibilities of IS/IT and HR, know what constitutes a market and marketing, understand the importance of marketing research, know the market segments and target market strategies, know what makes up the marketing mix, understand the product adoption curve and product life cycle, know how to create a marketing plan, know the difference between marketing and sales, understand sales tactics and growth, understand the importance of how a sales force is organized, and have a basic understanding of the many other related functions that make up a business.


Remember to always incorporate confidence into your newly learned business, management and leadership skills.  Be the leader that inspires people to want to follow you and share in your vision of success.  Be the manager that plans, motivates and directs people to obtain the goals surrounding that vision.  Do this, and you will be known as a great manager and a strong leader…

10 Lesson "Master Certificate in Business Management" Certification Final Exam

Click on the button below when you are ready to start. There will be 20 questions on the Business Management Final Exam randomly chosen from these lessons: ​

  • 5 questions from lesson 1
  • 2 questions each from lessons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • 1 question each from lessons 8, 9 and 10 ​

The passing grade 70%. You can take the Exam as many times as you would like and there is no time limit. After passing you will enter your certification information.

The Watermark will be removed and the Certificate will have your unique Cert ID along with the Website QR code for cell phone scanning. It will be more in-focus and will include your name and updated date.

Course Conclusion and "Master Certificate in Business Management" Certificate of Completion

The "Master Certificate in Business Management" will be in your name and sent to you in soft copy PDF format by e-mail within 24 hours (on average within an hour) for $29.99 USD (optional hard copy $49.99 USD, or $59.99 USD for both PDF and hard copy. Free shipping in the USA, International rates vary).
You will also receive a personalized certification reference letter in PDF format (and/or optional hard copy) stating all that has been covered in the course (calculated at 80 hours) with a personalized message towards a successful managerial career. It will also have the company logo embedded on a proprietary gold seal image (the hard copy has a proprietary metallic gold foil seal), your unique Certificate ID, the Website QR code, and signed by the President of Master Class Management. 
Master Certificate of Competion in Business Management
Master Certificate in Business Management - Online Management Course
Master Certificate in Business Management - Online Management CourseMaster Certificate in Business Management - Online Management CourseMaster Certificate in Business Management - Online Management Course
Master Certificate in Business Management - Online Management Course
Business Management Certification Exam