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Course Introduction - Management Skills & Leadership Development

Lesson 1 – How to be a Great Manager through Strong Leadership

1. Introduction: Those who succeed in Management are Great Leaders
2. Five key points to Strong Leadership (thus a Great Manager)
3. Great Leaders are never 100% satisfied and know how to find the balance
4. 101 Tips, Tricks & Secrets to Success in Leadership and Management
5. Employee Interaction – Tips 1 through 27
6. Professional Advice – Tips 28 through 53
7. Personal Advice – Tips 54 through 81
8. Words of Wisdom - Tips 82 through 101
9. A short story about Leadership
10. Leadership Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
11. Lesson 1 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Leadership Management"

Lesson 2 – How to Manage and Organize your Department to Meet the Goals

12. Introduction:  Managers need to plan and guide the work for their employees
13. Great Manager Tool - The 7-S Model and how it can help improve your organization
14. Manage your Department to its Optimum in 10 steps
15. 1 – Determine your part in the company's goals and objectives
16. 2 – Absolutely know what's expected of you as manager
17. 3 – Fully know the company's products, services and the systems
18. 4 – Establish goals and objectives for your department
19. 5 – Strategize, plan and structure to meet the objective
20. 6 – Get the right people you need to meet the objective
21. 7 – Get the right materials to get the job done right
22. 8 – Get your staff all of the training it needs
23. 9 – Organize it all to put the plan into effect
24. 10 – Monitor and control it all to keep it running smoothly
25. A short story about structuring a department
26. Organizational Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
27. Lesson 2 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Organizational Management"

Lesson 3 – How to Manage your Employees & Build a Strong Team

28. Introduction:  Get the most out of your employees including working as a team
29. Shape the individual and build the team in 5 steps
30. 1 - Create and Develop a strong team - expectations
31. 2 - Motivate Professionally and with respect
32. 3 - Recognize and Praise great work
33. 4 - Evaluate and Appraise employee performance
34. 5 - Compensate and Reward a job well done
35. Managing Different Personalities
36. A short story about building a strong team
37. Team Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
38. Lesson 3 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Team Management"

Lesson 4 – How to Hire & Retain the Right People

39. Introduction: The goal is to hire and keep the best people
40. First off, do you really need to hire someone?
41. Creating the right job description to find the right person
42. How to find the right person
43. What to look for in an interviewee
44. Job interview questions to ask
45. Questions you should not ask
46. Checking their references
47. How much should you pay?
48. Making the final offer
49. Employee on-boarding and orientation process
50. Employee Retention
51. A short story about hiring and keeping employees
52. Employment Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
53. Lesson 4 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Employment Management"

Lesson 5 – How to Deal with Conflict, Problems, Difficult Employees & Firing

54. Introduction: The toughest part of the job…
55. Dealing with Conflict
56. Dealing with Violence, Bullying and Anger in the Workplace
57. Dealing with Difficult Employees
58. Dealing with Poor Job Performance-Required Expectations
59. Dealing with Attendance issues
60. Dealing with Firing or Laying off an Employee
61. A short story about conflict in the workplace
62. Conflict Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
63. Lesson 5 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Conflict Management"

Lesson 6 – How to Delegate, Manage your Time, Solve Problems & Make the Right Decisions

64. Introduction:  Know how to get it all done with the least amount of stress
65. How to Delegate Confidently
66. How to Multitask and Prioritize
67. Keeping Stress under control
68. Time Management
69. Problem Solving and Decision Making
70. A short story about delegating
71. Analytical Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
72. Lesson 6 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Analytical Management"

Lesson 7 – How to Get your Point Across through the Art of Business Communications

73. Introduction:  Getting your point across clearly and concisely
74. Business Writing
75. Communicating Verbally
76. Holding a Meeting
77. Participating in a Meeting
78. Preparing & Delivering a Presentation
79. Communicating Change to your Employees
80. A short story about giving a presentation
81. Communications Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
82. Lesson 7 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Communications Management"

Lesson 8 – Business Basics Part I – Business Types, Ethics & Law, Economics, Finance & Accounting

83. Introduction:  How the money and the business flows…
84. Business Types
85. Business Ethics & Law
86. Basic Economics overview
87. Corporate Finance Overview
88. Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting
89. Financial Statements: The Balance Sheet
90. Financial Statements: The Income Statement
91. Financial Analysis Tools - Ratios
92. What is the Cash Flow Statement?
93. Accounting and the Accountant
94. Accounting for Inventory
95. Setting up a budget for your department
96. Financial Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
97. Lesson 8 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Financial Management"

Lesson 9 - Business Basics Part II – Operations Management, Customer Service, IS & HR

98. Introduction: The engines of the organization
99. The day-to-day running of a company
100. Basic Decision Making Tools
101. Quality Management
102. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
103. Inventory Management
104. Disaster Planning and Recovery
105. Customer Service – Customer Care and Technical Support
106. IS and IT – Information Services aka "The IS Department"
107. HR – Human Resources
108. Operations Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
109. Lesson 9 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Operations Management"

Lesson 10 – Business Basics Part III – Marketing & Sales

110. Introduction: Create it, Get the word out, and Sell it
111. What is a Market and the Marketing Department?
112. What are the Five Marketing Philosophies?
113. Market Research
114. Analyzing you Customers and Competitive Market Strategies
115. Market Segments and Targeting your Market
116. The Marketing Mix or “The 4 P’s of Marketing”
117. Product
118. Price
119. Place (Distribution)
120. Promotion
121. People, Process, and Physical Evidence (Packaging)
122. Positioning the Product
123. Market Opportunities
124. The 5 C’s and Strategic Marketing Basics
125. Creating a Marketing Plan
126. Marketing vs. Sales
127. Sales Types, Process, Tactics and Growth
128. The Sales Force – Size, Organizing, Training and Motivating
129. Customer Relationship Management or CRM
130. Marketing Management Slideshow Presentation and Summary
131. Lesson 10 Exam for the "Master Certificate in Marketing Management"

Course Conclusion and Business Management Certification Final Exam

***Management Skills and Leadership Development Course Conclusion and Final Exam for the "Master Certificate in Business Management"***

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